October 4th Forum

It was an inspiring turn out by the residents of our city.  Thank you all for coming.  Someone stopped by and told me the saying about how people equate public speaking to being one of the most feared things in life and honestly I can tell you THAT holds some truth.

Very difficult to do and I commend all my fellow candidates for doing their best, as did I.  The questions thrown at you also could have used more context (i.e.:  Will that cost us money?) but again, we all did our best.

My message was essentially on the following:

  • my 30 year skill set as a litigation paralegal will be better on the inside of City Hall than the outside
  • as a paralegal we use something called “best practices” and those 2 small words hold a lot of attention to detail.  I will bring those best practices to every document put in front of me and ask questions and ask for the documents that are NOT put in front of me, or alternatively go find them myself
  • our community matters and we can do better to positively move Chestermere forward
  • encouraging all of the residents of Chestermere to do their homework on all the candidates – to please ensure they come out to vote – because the next 4 years depends on it
  • a safe, healthy, cared for community is the goal where there are spaces for youth, families and seniors, where interconnectivity with Calgary is ensured and where non residential in Chestermere gets increased to help offset our tax base that we desperately need to happen

My open ended question was asking one thing that I felt current council has done well:

  • my answer was ‘the beach’ – I used the example that when raising my kids here in Chestermere, while we had this lake – there were no spaces created that the public could use it.  My brother at the time lived in the Cove so we were able to access that – then private – beach.
  • the beach was ENTIRELY paid for by provincial funds so did not cost our municipality any money – however, as I mentioned it may and likely will cost us money down the road to maintain it
  • what I did not mention (due to absolute stress of being put on the spot and not thinking wholly as I prefer to do) is that the beach – as crowded as it has gotten this past summer – provides another place for our youth to go.  It adds to the social fabric that communities are made of and while it is not perfect and has some challenges of its own – we NEED more spaces like that for our PEOPLE.  Our families, our children.

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