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You matter.  Our community matters.  Together we will turn this corner and make a positive difference with the goal of ensuring a safe, healthy, viable and cared for community.

Yvette Wagner’s (nee Kind/O’Reilly) family members have been residents of Chestermere for 30 years with her own family residing in Chestermere/area for almost 15 years.  She is a mom to 4 grown boys and married to Kevin, who has 2 grown boys of his own.  Her children/nieces/nephews all attended and continue to attend St. Gabriel the Archangel.

As a 30 year, senior litigation paralegal, former independent business owner and current member of the management team in a large law firm, Yvette believes that she has a unique skill set to bring to City Council.  Her strengths throughout her career and long list of volunteering roles have been her heightened research skills, attention to detail and her ability to build relationships and find solutions.  She holds herself and others to a high standard of ethics, hard work and due diligence and has 30 years of ensuring all possible information is brought to the table and that the best possible solutions are presented for review.  She does her homework and believes that a group of determined people can accomplish anything they put their minds to.

As a resident, your neighbour and a professional, she is asking for your vote to bring a diverse group together for Chestermere’s new City Council for the next four years.

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