Vote for WAGNER

…….if you feel that my experience and skills (see below) can make a bigger difference on the inside of City Hall than the outside, like I do.


Professionally, I am a member of the two associations shown above.

30 year career has seen me heavily involved in the day-to-day conduct and management of large files from start to finish on a wide scope of issues.  As a senior litigation paralegal, I collaborate with the lawyer, bill my time out at an hourly rate that is generally less than that of the lawyer, and perform substantive legal work in a law firm environment. Corporate/Commercial and Construction litigation are my main areas of focus while supervising a small paralegal department.

One of the key functions of a senior paralegal is an analytical mindset which insists upon evidentiary back up.  As a councillor, this means that I will not support decisions until I am satisfied to my own individual standards, that all facts have been gathered and that due diligence efforts are exhausted. I ask questions and seek sources because I care about getting to the right answer and I will ask questions in your best interests and that of our community.

Specific skills/responsibilities of mine that align with the role of a councillor are:

  • developing, interpreting and evaluating policies and programs
  • identifying areas/processes for improvement
  • personnel hire/termination & salary evaluation/allocation
  • determining appropriate sourcing/options for services
  • enforcing best practices, protocols and procedures
  • navigating voluminous amounts of data efficiently and identifying key data
  • maintaining confidentiality and financial integrity
  • carrying out all responsibilities with a high standard of care

It would be my privilege to serve our city for the next 4 years with the goal of ensuring a safe, affordable, cared for and sustainable community.

I work very hard for matters that matter 

You matter – our Community matters – and right now we need:

  1. responsive members on council who encourage openness and engage the residents
  2. action based results to diversify our non-residential tax base
  3. an in-depth review of the spending and operations of CUI


I encourage you to read up on all the candidates on vote4chestermere or synergy’s websites and please vote on October 14th or Monday, October 16th




Without effective communication you will fail as an organization, no matter how good your intentions may be.


In 2016 the City held a CUI Information Night and 26 people attended.  In 2017 they held it again and 16 people attended.  This is an example of a mode of communication that is simply not working so we need to change how our messages from our elected representatives to our residents are being sent.

While effective communication is one of our biggest challenges in Chestermere, it will also be the easiest one to change.

When people are included and communicated with effectively, it reduces questions, confusion and ultimately the frustration that can come when those two factors are absent.

As a resident, being informed of:

where your city is at – where it is going – and what the plan is to get it there

…….makes all the difference.

Effective communication encourages engagement and makes your greatest natural resource (which is your people)  a part of the process rather than a reaction to the process.




I want to contribute towards finding solutions for our future.  We can only look back so far because that is not the direction we are going.

It is mindful to consider what was done and what we learned but we need to focus on building our future and getting next steps in place.

I believe that we need people on council who will not just engage in discussions but start them.  Councillors who will be respectful in their dialogue and thoughtful in their decision making, paying close attention to the details in front of them and the ones not put in front of them.

Please Vote on October 14th or 16th (10am-8pm).

Research ALL of your candidate elects at:

vote4chestermere or on synergy’s website

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