About Yvette




Yvette has spent her life career in the law firm environment as a paralegal.  She plans to bring a Best Practice approach that is used every day in her work environment which demands an exceptionally high standard of care, to City Hall.  An approach where attention to detail is expected, where thorough reading of everything put in front of you is required and where ensuring all the information is gathered before moving forward.

parCaptureShe navigates legislation, rules of court, bylaws, minutes, contracts and many other legal documents every day.  Her primary focus has been in litigation but she has experience in corporate, foreclosures, contracts, collections, et al.  She continues to practice as a litigation paralegal and supervises a department of paralegals in a large law firm in Calgary.  She is a member of the Alberta Association of Professional Paralegals and the Canadian Association of Professional Paralegals.  

In addition to working full time Yvette spent 15 years through leadership and recruiting to assist a team of independent women to become business owners within the realms of an international company earning a spot in the top 1% of the company Canada-wide.   



Yvette has been coming to Chestermere since she was 15 years old, having grown up just inside the Calgary city limits.  Her family members have been residents of Chestermere for 30 years and all her nieces/nephews and her own kids grew up here.  Yvette has been a resident in Chestermere herself for almost 11 years & the surrounding area for another 4 years (North of Conrich).  She has 4 grown boys that the City would know as having the last name O’Reilly, and in 2014 married Kevin Wagner, who has 2 grown boys of his own. 


She is best known for her hard work ethic that she attributes to her immigrant, entrepreneur father who taught her and her brothers that if you aren’t going to do a job right the first time, don’t bother doing it at all.  Yvette has served on many boards and councils throughout the years in varied small municipalities – either within the sports or school setting, including the recent workplace ones of Diversity & Inclusion and the Innovation Council and has made volunteering part of her/her children’s everyday life since she was 18 years old and coaching softball for Forest Heights Community Centre.


Reasons for Running for Council

Her reason for running in the current election is because she started asking questions about everything that was happening in Chestermere, particularly where her own utility and tax bills were concerned, and she began to do her own research to find the answers. 

She concluded that her skills would be better served on the inside of City Hall than on the outside.  She believes she can make a difference by bringing her experience,  a fresh perspective and new energy.

She plans to find innovative ways to connect with our community, creating a more engaged and informed citizen platform. She is committed to holding others accountable including herself and working hard to serve the beautiful City we all call home. 


Additional Notes from Yvette


I am 100% self-supported in my campaign.  I have not accepted funds from any individual, corporation, not-for-profit or otherwise.


The goal is a safe, healthy, cared for community with spaces for our youth, families and seniors where interconnectivity with Calgary is ensured and where our non-residential tax assessment base gets diversified in order to off set the residential taxes that you/I pay.


Together we can do better.  You Matter.  Our Community Matters.