Creating innovative opportunities for the people of Chestermere to be heard is something I feel strongly about.  Creative, consistent, simplified and easy to access 2-way communication with our citizens is essential.  Busy lives trump time to attend civic events when it comes to the time allotted in a day so we need to maximize technology and find out what works best for our citizens and do better. Having council meetings in the evenings instead of during the daytime so that constituents don’t have to take time off from their place of employment might be a place to start.  Being responsive to citizen phone calls and following up to the end results of their concerns should not be something that is optional or inconsistent. Without our citizens we don’t have a City.  In essence THEY are the clients.  Common sense says that 20,000 minds are better than 7 and since great minds think differently – lets create an environment of inclusivity, sharing ideas and be stronger together.  I am committing to planning Town Hall’s like the large corporations hold still today except ours can be at the Recreation Centre and multiple times a year if needed to give our citizens a place to go and have real face time with our decision makers.  Keeping people informed is an integral part of keeping them part of the process in understanding where we are and deciding where we need to be.