My name is Yvette Wagner and I have lived in Chestermere and area for 15 years.  I’ve been biking out to Chestermere since I was 15 growing up in Forest Lawn area of Calgary.

Upon opening our utility bill and tax statements I started wondering how these increases would affect the average family.  Our utility increase alone equated to 2 tanks of gas, 6 jugs of milk and about 20 loaves of bread.

This experience mobilized me to think harder, engage more and do something about the issues that were affecting everyone in our community.

I began to realize that my skill set as a 30 year litigation paralegal could be better served on the inside of City Hall than on the outside.

As a paralegal I meticulously analyze legal documents every day and I will bring my 30 years of using a best practice approach to all matters presented before Council.  These are 2 small words that encompass a lot of attention to detail.  They mean ensuring that everything put in front of me is read carefully – it means asking questions about the data NOT put in front of me, even if it means finding that data myself.  Ultimately it means increasing the accountability on the inside and the basis that decisions are made on.

You matter.  Our community matters and we can do better to positively move Chestermere forward.



Tonight is about all of YOU.

Thank you for caring enough to be here and to listen.

The next 4 years of our City’s decision making for the most part is standing in front of you.

Please take the time tonight to talk to the candidates, please do your homework on all of us and select who YOU want on your new City Council to affordably and positively move Chestermere forward.

You matter.  Our community matters.  Together we can make a positive difference.

A safe, healthy and cared for community is the goal.  Lower taxes, effectively manage utility costs, and creating spaces and support for our youth, families and seniors are all key to our well being.  As is a diversified tax base that includes a higher proportion of commercial to residential properties.

A properly funded public transportation network and other infrastructure that recognizes our connectivity with Calgary and its other surrounding communities as well as ensuring that our biggest natural resource second to our people – which is our lake – stays safe and able to be enjoyed by our community.

These are key priorities that I will focus on in serving you and our beautiful city.