Ensure open communication and responsiveness.  Engaging our diverse group of residents to be involved and to be part of the process.  Leverage technology (and common sense) to make it straight forward to find the information people are seeking.  Create opportunities for real face time.  Hold meetings at times that people are not working to support their families so that they can attend and work around the overtime pay it might cost city staff to be present.

Our people are our greatest natural asset – include them.



Effectively manage our utility costs without compromising the quality of our valuable services and internally assess more efficient, and economical operations.  Include council members on the board if necessary.  Take stock of what we have and where it is going and what best steps need to be taken to reel in the costs on our residents.



Lower taxes through a diversified tax base that includes a higher proportion of commercial to residential properties (which also creates more jobs)!  We must turn this corner successfully with results based action so that you/I no longer fund the city.  The Alberta Government has increased our education tax 124% in 5 years, when compounded and this is unacceptable for a municipality our size.  We need to appeal to them on this front and at the very least ‘try’ to find some relief in that respect.



While everyone advised me to pick 3 platforms and stick to them, I have to say that there are so many more challenges that MATTER to people.  And I am of the mindset that whatever matters to even ONE person will matter to me.  That doesn’t mean we can always accomplish the goal behind the need/want but it means that I will listen and try.



I am committed to meeting residents face to face on matters that matter to them if elected but even now, during campaign time which is a time of VERY little sleep, I have made the time to personally meet with residents one on one. 

So far the following topics have been discussed face to face:

– Issues with family services

– Issues with noise infractions/lease renewal

– Issues with surrounding developments and potential damage to homes

– Library concerns

– Dog Park concerns