Safety in Chestermere is an issue for many although many doors I knocked on have residents who have lived here for 20 years and never had a problem.

I spent time talking with a resident who is also a 20+ year police officer in Calgary and in asking his advice on what he would like to see different in his professional experience, he shared that operating PROACTIVELY rather than REACTIVELY is the goal.  In order to accomplish this you need enough staff to proactively be policing the city while others are reactively responding to issues that are occurring.

I couldn’t agree more.  While adding more officers is not always the answer, I do feel that we should take a closer look at this as when I compared the numbers of officers per citizen – we always came up on the low end.

Having said that – I also believe there is VALUE in maximizing efforts in a campaign to just simply LOCK up.  Lock your car doors.  Lock your front doors.  Watch your neighbours garage doors in case they left it up accidentally.  Have their phone numbers so you can reach them.  Let’s make it harder for crime to happen.

Personal Experience:

We have had our vehicles rifled through numerous times in our driveway and once my son walked out at 2 am to the thieves still in his car rifling through it.

Just recently we experienced a home invasion robbery and vehicle theft in the early hours of September 13, 2017.  They took many items but in particular they took a black duffle bag which contained months of research on our city that I had done.  The devastation of knowing they were in our home while we slept was overwhelming in the moment and no one was hurt and I was so grateful – but the reality of knowing that I could not replace my research in the time I had to campaign was hard to swallow.  None the less, here I am.  I carried forward with my plan to run – paid my nomination fee and ordered my signs because determination is what our city needs right now.  Roadblocks of any kind have to leave us asking how we can get over, around or through them. 

Nonetheless, safety is important and I feel we have room to improve upon it.  Once again – together – being more community driven by knowing our neighbours and watching out for each others homes while a very simple approach – still adds value and a level of protection that even criminals would have a tough time breaking through.