As I said at the Whitecappers event, How did we neglect to provide for the basics of housing and transportation for our seniors?  To me, this is just not okay.

While I appreciate that efforts were made, results were not.

I also understand Truman Homes has now committed to the one near the Bike Park and that current Council has designated an area south of the lake but in any event, the materialization of same is what matters going forward.

Below is my speech to the Whitecappers that came after introducing myself.

On the ‘health’ side of Health & Wellness we need to consider what is available for our seniors, for example the lack of an Urgent Care Facility is something that needs to change.  On the ‘wellness’ side we need to consider quality of life for our seniors.  We should be moving towards an environment that supports and improves overall health and wellness.

I would encourage involving our youth in a project that designs, evaluates and shares ideas that enable seniors to live more fully, as active and connected members of our community.

With respect to the lease renewal question, the paralegal side of me came to your defence.  I wanted to see the lease, read the clauses and identify exactly which ones the CRCA was breaching because while I know that you have the right to quiet enjoyment of a leased space, I don’t know what that right looks like when the lease is in a Recreational Building.  In any event, seeking further clarification you group informed me that they were more interested in what would happen down the road if the City took the facility over.  Personally speaking I feel that as a community we have to find a way to expand the recreational facilities we have in Chestermere even if that means taking it into the people’s hands and no longer leaving it in City Hall’s hands and if we could accomplish that then creating spaces not only for our youth but also our seniors within same would be something we should make a priority.  I trust the residents of Chestermere to be fair and generous in the meantime in their collaboration with our seniors where renewals and rent are concerned.

It broke my heart to hear one of your members tell me that she has lived here her whole life and now that she will soon have to leave her home, she will have to leave Chestermere.  This is not okay.

I would like to see the results of the Aging in Place forum that was held at this time last year and what action items have been taken since.  I would also like to see historically what action items have been exhausted and what prevented or continues to prevent a facility for our seniors to exist.  A multi-service home is needed where different levels of care are offered but ultimately our seniors get to stay in one place – one home – as they transition through these different stages of care.  Independent care on one level, assisted suits on another and a nursing care centre on yet another.  Why can’t we do this!

The good news is that since we have nothing currently – in my mind the opportunities are endless and we should think big, collaboratively and treat it as if it were US that were needing this housing because one day ……. before we know it ….. it will be.


After Note:

I followed up with the Whitecappers and have a copy of their lease to review.  I will get back to them as a resident, not a council candidate and not a paralegal – as a concerned resident – with what I feel they should try to do about their current lease situation where the noise they endur from the lessee upstairs which is a fitness company who in their own right – has every right to make the noise they do – is to a point that it makes it very difficult for our Whitecappers to enjoy the space they have worked so hard for.


I also followed up with a company I was aware of Trinity, and passed all the information on to Sherri Standish of the Whitecappers as it could lead to a beneficial partnership in building a seniors facility for Chestermere.